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Alberta Lung Cancer Screening Program for Asbestos Exposed Individuals

Alain Tremblay MDCM, FRCPC, FCCP, Associate Professor of Medicine is now able to accept participants with prior asbestos exposure wanting to get screened with low-dose CT in Edmonton and Ft. Mc Murray in addition to Calgary.

See if you are eligible for the screening study by completing a short online questionnaire which can be accessed by a link on our website, or using your phone to scan the box in this PDF pamphlet.

2014 Alberta Construction Trade Definitions

Please see the attached updated version of the 2014 Alberta Construction Trade Definitions for your use (updated as of June 2014).

2014 Alberta Construction Trade Definitions

Please destroy the earlier January version you are currently using. In summary the following updates have been implemented:

  1. Removed line item reference numbers from Inclusions/Exclusions to simply read (See Included) or (See Excluded) on pages 23, on pages 23, 30, 31, 93 and 95. This eliminated issues with referring to the wrong line. The Contractor knows to refer back to the Inclusions or Exclusions.
  2. Changed the Cash Allowance line to “Cash Allowance and/or Contingency funds when a specific dollar amount is listed in Division 01 or this trade’s specification section” in all sections.
  3. Removed line 40 from the Ventilation Section on page 94. This was a conflict with the correct line 66.

Reminder: The Trade Definitions are a living document and will continue to be periodically improved and updated. Stakeholders will be advised as updates are published.

ACA, its member local construction associations and the 3000 plus member firms endorse adoption of the 2014 Trade Definitions as a best practice. We encourage all tender authorities and their design consultants, specification writers, and contractors and suppliers to cite and utilize the 2014 Trade Definitions for their projects.