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Board of Directors

TIAA consists of two chapters (south and north). Each chapter has their own board representatives (a president, a vice-president and two directors). These board roles are elected positions determined at the December chapter member meeting each year. The provincial president alternates each term between the southern and northern chapter president. Board members serve in a volunteer role and are not compensated for their service. They are required to act within their authority, to exercise due care and to observe fiduciary responsibilities in acting on behalf of the membership.

The 2018 Board of Directors was elected at the November Semi Annual Meeting:

  • Provincial Past President/Treasurer – Curtis Schoepp, Adler Insulation (2005) Ltd.
  • Provincial President – Murray Wedhorn, Crossroads C & I
  • Northern Chapter President – Mark Trevors, Kaefer Industrial Services Ltd.
  • Northern Chapter Vice President – Pat Pearson, Book Insulation Ltd.
  • South Chapter Vice President – Kelly Archuleta, All Therm Services Inc.
  • Director, North Chapter – Guy Mondor, Foundation Building Materials/SPI
  • Director, North Chapter – David Reburn Brock White Canada ULC
  • Director, South Chapter – Kyle Sippola, Thomas Insulation
  • Director, South Chapter – Wheeler Boys , AW-NRG Insulation Services Inc.